Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring 2013!
Gardening activities still suspended!

Last year the mean temperature for April 14th was 59.9 degrees. The previous day we ventured to New Ulm, Minnesota to sell plants and bulbs, a spring storm produced a tornado and many funnel clouds.  We sold lily bulbs to the public, they could immediately plant their treasures. Today April 14th the temp hovers around 32 degrees and I just came in from shoveling a couple inches of snow and sleet from the driveway!
The first day of spring we shoveled snow from a major storm the previous day! Where is spring?

This stoic has had enough winter!

My wife and I sell plants and lily bulbs at master gardener plant fairs and spring craft shows. The profits allow us to buy exotic seeds and plants, for example, last year I purchased a number of Trollius species and hybrids from around the country.
We share our gardening love and knowledge with the public.

In a few weeks, April 27th, I speak to the Minnesota Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) on dwarf iris.
Enough winter interest!
Hopefully perennials will have risen their heads out of the ground!