Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Arrives!

Martagon Lily
Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris

Spring has turned briefly, four days of weather over 60 degrees with a good evening rain. The garden has responded quickly;  martagon lilies are pushing through the surface. Columbine have unfurled green leaves. Sedums dormant through the winter have begun to increase, Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris have doubled in size preparing to flower in a few weeks. Bearberry, evergreen under the snows flush green losing their reddish winter tints. Rhubarb has erupted and their leaves have begun to unfurl, cannot wait to taste the tart stalks.

Martagon lily out of the ground.
The forecast for Thursday is one to two inches of snow with rain, nighttime temperatures in the low 30s; the jet stream has dipped into the northern states. As the sun rises in elevation throughout spring the jet stream controlling our current weather pattern will swing into Canada.

Columbine sprouts quickly.

These perennials are very hardy and I do not worry for their condition. This week’s weather will continue to delay the season and when given the right conditions plants will quickly respond in a rush to increase and then flower. If climate conditions remain cool, iris for example will be slightly shorter than typical bloom heights and colors will be more intense.

SDBs double in size

Sedums increase
Above average snows and rain will be very beneficial. The Mississippi flows a few miles from my home. This fall channels of the river were dry, this is very rare. Water tables will become replenished.
I have delayed planting stratified seed, I want temps to average 50s nighttime and 70s by midday. Watching seed germinate and the first bloom of new cultivars is the greatest events of spring.

Bearberry turns green out from under the snow

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