Sunday, August 18, 2013

Siberian Iris

Would you buy this plant? Help a breeder with some market research!

Please review the plants below and leave comments if these plants appeal to you.
What is the top dollar amount you are willing to spend to add one to your garden?

Listed below are various plants lined out for present and future introduction.

Plant A
 Summerchase Advent - dwarf Siberian Iris 8-10 inches tall, large white flowers.

Plant B - possible introduction. Another 8 - 10" Siberian Iris dwarf , violet, vigorous, hardy.

Plant C - Yellow dwarf Siberian Iris - for future introduction. Plant  10"-12", large flowers tall stems.

Plant D - Dwarf Siberian Iris 8" -10" with huge flowers.

Plant E Dwarf Siberian Iris 8"-10" light blue flowers.

Plant F - Tall tricolored Siberian Iris with open flowers.

Plant G- Lavender pink Siberian Iris with red black spathes.

Plant H - Dwarf Siberian Iris with reddish pink flowers and blue accents.

I need your feedback as my future efforts are in jeopardy!


  1. I like F very much and also G. I did not know siberians came as small as your dwarves. I like to naturalize my beardeds so taller is better for me

  2. I'm looking for the smaller iris about 12" or less. Like B Sandra B