Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pollen Dauber

Pollen dauber, why should the birds and bees have all the fun? This is the ultimate gardening experience, creating something new from the materials of nature.

Hybridizing requires some knowledge, there are many resources, some skill, which can be acquired through experience, patience, time and if you become dedicated some land. 

If I had the land say five to ten acres and a greenhouse I would daub many types of favorite plants: Erythroniums, Cimicifuga, Trollius, various beardless iris particularly Siberians, Laevigatas, Cristatas and then Martagon Lilies.

"Bringing Beauty to Life" is the motto of SummerChase Gardens. I have created new beauty for my own enjoyment and given this beauty for others to enjoy. The process creates living works of art. Hybridizing has refined my understanding of color, form, and texture. I have become in tune to the cycle of nature, insects, plants, soil, weather and climate. These are a few of the lessons to be learned.

Here are pictures of Siberian Iris selections lined out either last year or two years ago. Some are being grown for introduction ( one has been ) or as a further breeding source.  Some of these plants will never be registered or introduced.

    A dwarf Siberian, Summerchase Advent, two year old clump for demonstration and breeding.

Here are some dwarf Siberian Iris for final evaluation and increase prior to registration and introduction.

Flower like faded blue jeans

A nice light blue, one of a couple lined out for increase.

Large flowers on 10" plant.

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