Sunday, July 29, 2012

LA Lilies

A New Star

LA lilies, so called because they are crosses of L. longiflorum, the Easter Lily, and Asiatic lilies were developed for the floral trade by the Dutch. They can add a “wow” factor to your garden.

These summer flowering lilies have large flowers of heavy texture. They have thick stalks which do not fall over in heavy winds. I call them Asiatic lilies on steroids! Because they have only been available for a few decades they do not have the color range of asiatic or oriental lilies. 
South Point
Orange is a common color for lilies. South Point can be a spectacle; you may want to replace your orange Asiatics with this dynamite! A mass can provide an explosion of color, huge full petals with dark stamens and spots surrounding the nectary.

The wonder of a desert sunset can be seen in your garden. Royal Sunset is a very good grower, floriferous with large flowers. This lily is a great accent with orange and yellow companions.

Royal Sunset

Suncrest is yellow with green throat and purple spots.The very large flowers are open with long petals.

Litouwen is a glorious pure white. As cut flowers the floral display can last weeks.



Brindisi is a large flowered pastel pink. There are many pinks created by Dutch breeders for the cut flower trade. Brinsdisi is a personal favorite.
I am confident that LA lilies can provide a significant contribution to your garden. Single plants or massed for effect, LA lilies deserve a place in your summer garden.

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