Monday, May 26, 2014

American Orchid Society Show
The Orchid Society of Minnesota held a spring show "A Growing Obsession" April 30th through May 4th. Oncidiums and Phalaenopsis dominated displays, Encyclias and Lycaste also dotted presentations.

The fluorescent lighting and spot lights played havoc with photography. I believe I still took some good photos for your enjoyment. I bought a couple of rupicolous laelia species restarting my collection.

Rosy oncidium

One of many phalaenopsis
Pretty pink
The photo does not capture the gold rim effectively.
Classic white
Large cattleya
Beautiful Lycaste
Purple-black Vanda
Attractive ladyslipper 
Nice cluster of cattleya flowers
Yet another cluster.

Really enjoyed the show and hope you enjoyed the photos!

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