Friday, May 23, 2014


Has come to town
Wearing a yellow petticoat
And a pretty green gown

I prefer daffodils as harbingers of early spring over other bulbs. People often select tulips but they are neither as vigorous or persistent as daffodils. Hybrid tulips are prone to animal damage often flowers are snipped and eaten as they bloom. Daffodils never fail to cheer up my soul. Their bright colors accent early greening gardens.

With proper selection of varieties daffodils can accent your garden for months. They can be forced to bloom indoors and grow well in pots.

On May 3rd I visited the Daffodil Society of Minnesota show. I present pictures from that display, I do not include names of varieties as some are collections, I want to spark your curiosity to learn more thru DSM and the American Daffodil Society.
Show tables with awards
Collection of three cultivars
Trumpet-cupped daffodils, the greenery accents the collection holds the stems in place.
Multiple collection
On white wings
Beautiful yellow with white accents
Graceful Small-cupped daffodils 
Three of one cultivar
A Poeticus variety
Double daffodil, more than one flower to a stem.
Fancy, orange rim on yellow.
Small yellow corona, full-formed white perianth segments.
Subtle flower
A bold white daffodil

Striking color combination.
Pink cup, more shade more pink

Another multiple

A woodland or meadow planting of daffodils en masse is a site to behold.
In Minnesota meadow plantings are difficult as grasses tend to be too vigorous and tall.

Hope you enjoyed and are encouraged to plant daffodils!

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